SummerHouse Senior Living communities provide an ideal formula for seniors whose hopes for retirement include leisure-filled days and evenings, continuing favorite hometown traditions and enjoying the friendly company of beloved family, friends and neighbors.

Born from the vision of parent company Discovery Senior Living, SummerHouse Senior Living was established in November 2021, beginning with a trio of Alabama-based communities (Birmingham, Hunstville and Mobile) that had long been known for their close-knit cultures and strong ties to the local areas. The name may be different, but the identity of each community remains the same as does our commitment to maintaining excellence in all areas of senior care, service and overall lifestyle quality.

For an easy, unencumbered way of life and our trademark Southern hospitality, SummerHouse Senior Living makes the perfect choice for seniors and families.

SummerHouse Senior Living at a Glance

History & Tradition

SummerHouse Senior Living (2021) is one of the newest brand creations from parent company Discovery Senior Living, which has been designing and developing exceptional lifestyle and care communities for seniors for nearly three decades.

Today, at a time when multifamily interests and new upstarts are entering the seniors housing space each year, few companies are backed by the same rich history and tradition for excellence as SummerHouse Senior Living. In fact, supporting our daily efforts are many of the very same individuals and teams who helped conceptualize and develop other Discovery brands like the flagship Aston Gardens and Discovery Village communities, as well as those who established their trademark lifestyle, care and service programs.

In most industries, longevity speaks volumes. Winning countless awards and distinctions does too. So while SummerHouse Senior Living is only now emerging onto the scene, it’s been built from top to bottom by a tried-and-true industry leader. That’s yet another reason why seniors and families can choose with confidence, knowing that SummerHouse Senior Living is part of an organization that for nearly 30 years has been creating new, higher standards for exceptional senior care, value and lifestyle programming.

What Makes Our Organization Different

Our organizational and management philosophies are at the forefront of the seniors housing industry. So too is our access to data and technology, as well as capital and other key business resources. Plus, through innovative, resident-focused programs and services, we’re delivering an overall lifestyle experience that leads the way in terms of flexibility, resident choice and customization.

These are the features and philosophies that define and differentiate our brand (and the entire Discovery Senior Living organization) from the competition:

Best-in-Class Business Intelligence & Analytics

The seniors housing industry is undergoing a generational transformation as providers evolve in order to better meet the needs of incoming Baby Boomers who demand a more personalized lifestyle experience. To help deliver it, Discovery Senior Living created its own Business Intelligence & Analytics group, which gathers and examines data on everything from demographics and pricing to complex utilization and spending behaviors.

With this universe of data and business intelligence at our disposal, SummerHouse Senior Living is working smarter and is better prepared to make decisions using more complete data and the finest analytical tools available. Beyond just empowering business decisions, however, it’s part of a highly scalable platform that’s supporting our company’s growth and continuing pursuit of innovation.

In all, our emphasis on data-driven performance metrics and investment in business intelligence and analytics means superior visibility for leadership and investors, a deeper understanding of our business, as well as current and prospective residents, and opportunities to drive change and innovation that simply wouldn’t be possible otherwise. That’s why this component has become a true cornerstone of our company’s day-to-day operations and a powerful lens through which we view the past and present as well as prepare and mobilize resources for the future.

Strategically-Designed Organizational Structure

Varying consumer preferences and increasing demands for more personalized experiences at the community level mean that a generic, “one-size-fits-all” approach is the way of the past. Instead, to promote customization and better meet the different needs and preferences of local and regional customers, SummerHouse Senior Living utilizes a flat management structure that emphasizes connectivity at the community level.

Our communities are individually managed, with regional operations support and centralized, community-specific marketing services from our own Discovery Marketing Group, itself a perennial award winner in the industry, national and global arenas. Add to that our industry-leading data and analytics capabilities and a “top-tiered” commissioned sales organization, and SummerHouse Senior Living communities are strategically set up and driven for success.

Resident-Centric Programs & Services

Baby Boomers represent a vastly different customer profile than the generation that came before them. More active and independent, and more proficient with the Internet and digital technology, Boomers demand optionality and a customized experience. They want to live life on their own terms, and by way of our exclusive, resident-centric programs and services, SummerHouse Senior Living is making it easier than ever to achieve just that.

Here are just some of the ways we’re doing it:


Information For Investors

The senior living space has become an accepted real estate asset class, with smart money flowing steadily into the sector. Once a destination reserved primarily for specialized REITs, significant inflows from sovereign wealth and pension funds are today on the rise, no doubt a byproduct of the sector’s healthy yields and relative resistance to recession or economic downturns.

Now factor in the impact of Baby Boomers transitioning into retirement and the senior living space today represents a ground-floor opportunity to capitalize on a once-in-a-generation megatrend for investors and our society. Indeed, not only is senior living a worthwhile investment opportunity, but it’s an exceptionally well-timed one.

Outside capital investment in SummerHouse Senior Living and/or the larger Discovery Senior Living organization is carefully and purposefully utilized to drive new construction and acquisition. Alternatively, it could be used to help increase our value proposition for residents or to improve adoption rate and profitability by way of new or expanded programs and service offerings.

SummerHouse Senior Living and Discovery Senior Living’s current partners include some of the world’s biggest and most respected REITs and capital providers who put their trust in our company for the same reasons you can. With a decorated history and tradition for excellence and innovation, industry-leading analytics and business intelligence, and the Experiential Living model, which is exclusive to our organization, capital investment with our company represents an informed choice, offering advantages like stability, sophistication and exciting return potential.

To put capital to work in a fast-rising company in a stable and growing corner of the market, please contact SummerHouse Senior Living today!

Careers With SummerHouse Senior Living

From ambitious recent grads to experienced professionals, careers with SummerHouse Senior Living afford exciting possibilities, a forum to showcase unique talents, and the visibility that comes with working for a top-10 provider organization in an industry that’s ultra-stable and just getting started.

Competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package do much to demonstrate our commitment to engaging elite-level talent for the long term. Plus, you simply have to experience the kind of personal satisfaction you get when your work touches the lives of potentially thousands of seniors and their families each and every day!