Welcome to SummerHouse Ashton Manor, the senior living community that has been exemplifying excellence in senior living since 2013. We aim to create a familiar, hometown look and feel that let you retire in a much more enriching environment. Whether you are looking for quality senior living for yourself or an elderly loved one, we offer dual lifestyle options to suit your unique needs. Come experience a maintenance-free senior living lifestyle at SummerHouse Ashton Manor for a fulfilling retirement.

About Maintenance-Free Senior Living

As we get older, some of us may feel that cooking, cleaning, and driving have become burdensome as they take a toll on our physical health. If you are looking to lead a maintenance-free senior living lifestyle, SummerHouse Ashton Manor offers premium senior living amenities that provide the support you need. You can enjoy weekly housekeeping and laundry as well as complimentary transportation. Our team also takes care of your apartment home maintenance so you can live in a comfortable and safe environment. At our grand dining hall, you will be served delicious, nutritious meals in a restaurant-style setting along with friendly tableside service.

Benefits of Offering Maintenance-Free Senior Living in Your Senior Living Community

A maintenance-free senior living lifestyle is important for older adults to reduce the burden on their physical health. With the support they can get at SummerHouse Ashton Manor, they can focus their time and energy on something more beneficial such as senior living activities that help support their body and mind. Older adults can also look forward to retiring more healthily without being put at risk of a fall or other injuries.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Have the routine activities you used to do on your own become a burden to you? Whether you are living with sickness or have suffered an injury, you need to have access to assistance to help relieve the daily workload. At a senior living community, you do not need to worry about cooking, cleaning, or driving. Your chores will be taken care of by professionals while you rest and relax in your apartment home. In addition, you will also receive specialized care for your basic healthcare needs as well as daily living activities. Our team members are all highly qualified in their respective fields and will ensure that you get to retire in a conducive living space.

Why Choose SummerHouse Ashton Manor?

Through our wide array of senior living programs, SummerHouse Ashton Manor is the senior living community that lets you achieve a maintenance-free senior living lifestyle. We take care of all your chores and prepare your daily meals so you get to retire healthily with a lot of free time on your hands. You get to invest in something more fruitful like senior living activities right on site that we prepare daily for you to explore and keep fit. At SummerHouse Ashton Manor, achieving your dream retirement is something that we strive to help you with.

To learn more about living in SummerHouse Ashton Manor, feel free to contact us today.