sburgess headshot

Sarah Burgess

Executive Director

Sarah Burgess has 39 years of experience as a nurse. She then transitioned to Category Administrator for 14 years. When she is not inspiring and encouraging her team at work, she can be found enjoying her 3 children and 2 grandchildren or taking walks with her 2 dogs, Snookie and Theo.

SLC Anna Mavromat

Anna Marvromat

Senior Lifestyle Counselor

Anna Mavromat, has been in the senior living industry for nearly two decades in the Huntsville area. With a marketing degree from Jacksonville State University, Anna began her career in business-to-business sales selling telephone phone systems. She enjoyed connecting with clients from a variety of industries and learning what was important to them. Then, her rising career took a backseat to a new family. After a period of staying home with her three daughters, she re-entered her career in senior living. She knew instantly she had found her home. This time learning about what was important to her senior residents, knowing her work is truly important and having connections that last a lifetime. Helping each family find the solutions that best meet their needs is not just her profession, it is her passion.

lmcgucken headshot

Walter (Lee) McGucken

Director of Culinary Services

Lee is a lifelong Huntsvillian and has loved to cook since he was 6 years old. He owned and operated Edith Ann’s Taste of Home for many years, a restaurant he named after his Mother. Lee also many years of experience working in assisted living.

pfotte headshot

Pam Kelsey-Foote

Director of Health and Wellness

Mrs. Foote has been a Registered Nurse (RN) for 12 years. She has worked in memory care for the majority of her career. Pam has been married for a decade and has 5 children and 19 grandchildren. She loves arts and crafts and riding her motorcycle from state to state.

rdippolito headshot

Rene D’Ippolito

Director of Celebrations

Rene D’Ippolito has been a Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor for 22 years and most recently was the Program Director for a non-profit organization. Rene is enthusiastic and encouraging for all to lead a well-rounded life full of activity and culture. She aims to put God first in every aspect of her life and looks at every opportunity as an opportunity for ministry. In her personal time Rene can be found outdoors in Nature. Rockhounding and foraging are some of her favorite outdoor activities. She is also an active soccer mom to her 2 boys.