Person-Centered Senior Living Memory Care at SummerHouse Heritage Woods


At SummerHouse Heritage Woods, we understand the multi-faceted challenges caused by dementia. Thus, we have worked alongside and with local families to make sure they have the finest care for their loved ones for more than two decades.

Therefore, if you are like countless Americans who are looking for a partner in care for your loved one diagnosed with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-related conditions, you do not have to go through it all by yourself for even one day. Actually, choosing an ideal partner in care can be the most crucial first step in giving your loved one and your family a better way of life.

Dedication, skills, and a pledge to providing excellent care and service. These are what residents and families can expect from SummerHouse Heritage Woods, and these are the reasons our Memory Care neighborhood is setting a high standard for memory care in the region.

Read on to find out the exclusive features that distinguish our program apart from the rest, and then plan a visit and guided tour to see the difference for yourself!

Explore Our Unique, Holistic Approach to Memory Care

Our all-inclusive approach to memory care is thoughtfully designed and organized to utilize proven techniques to achieve deeper personalization and create a positive impact on all parts of our residents’ lives.

From interactive dining experiences, physical activity and engaging group activities to quiet, peaceful moments in the company of our friendly team members, purpose-driven experiences and healthy interactions are fused into each and every day.

Below are some of the ways our Memory Care program uses evidence-based science and a holistic approach to deliver superior care for seniors and give peace of mind for families:

Cultivating Friendship & Sense of Belonging

By valuing everyone’s uniqueness and fostering participation in purposeful group activities, we create an all-encompassing environment where every resident has an important role in the dynamic of the community.

Healthy, Interactive Dining Experiences

Our nutritious meals are carefully created and aids in digestion, and our quiet and peaceful environment uses recognized sound and sensory prompts to improve focus, arouse appetite and foster residents’ active participation during meals.

Hosting Fun, Engaging Activities

Our highly-trained Memory Care professionals plan and carry out activities that encourage residents to engage their physical, mental, and spiritual facets, enabling them to remain active while living a more satisfying and richer life.

Promoting Confidence and Self-Esteem

By recognizing every resident’s strengths, our team members provide opportunities and activities to celebrate small achievements all through the day. Also, by encouraging participation in daily living activities and personal care, residents develop a better sense of self-worth and purpose.

Communication & Family Involvement

Our superior communication keeps each family well-informed and centrally involved in their loved one’s care. Digital technology is utilized to preserve and share meaningful photos and videos with family members.

Superior Memory Care Solutions Begin with a Call to SummerHouse Senior Living

Every day, we see that seniors diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-related conditions able to live more satisfying and richer lifestyles given the proper care. While families face many challenges when a loved one is diagnosed with a cognitive condition, it should be easy for them to figure out which is the best memory care for them.

Backed by scientific evidence and using the same guidelines and best practices as our country’s best memory care programs, SummerHouse Heritage Woods attains levels of overall quality and care that are unrivaled in the region.

Ever so often, you just need to overcome your fears and initiate a conversation with a trained professional who can advise. Today, let SummerHouse Heritage Woods be your family and loved one’s  partner in care—contact us at 251.291.0639 !