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At SummerHouse Park Provence, we understand the multi-faceted challenges of dementia and have been working hand-in-hand with families to provide the best-quality memory care for their loved ones ever since our community is founded.

Are you, like many other Americans, looking for a partner in care for your loved one with dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease or other memory-related diagnosis? You don’t have to do it alone! By choosing the right partner in care, it can be the crucial first step towards having a better way of life for your loved one and entire family.

Experience, enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence in care and service. That’s just some of what seniors and families can expect from SummerHouse Park Provence, and it is the reason our Memory Care neighborhood is one of the most established and well-respected in this region.

Please read on to discover the unique features that set our program apart from the competition and then schedule an in-person visit and guided tour to experience the SummerHouse Senior Living difference for yourself and your loved one!

Explore Our Unique, Holistic Approach to Senior Memory Care

Our memory care program is uniquely designed and developed to harness the power of proven techniques to achieve deeper personalization. Our comprehensive approach aims to foster positive experiences in all areas of residents’ lives.

From engaging group activities and physical exercises and to interactive dining experiences and relaxed, quiet moments in the company of our team members, there are purpose-driven experiences and healthy interactions woven into each and every day at SummerHouse Senior Living.

These are just some of the ways our Memory Care program makes use of evidence-based science and a holistic approach to provide excellent care for residents and provide all-important peace of mind for families:

Cultivating Friendship and Sense of Belonging

We foster an inclusive environment by accepting each person’s individuality and promoting participation in purpose-driven group activities, and this is where each resident plays a key role in the community dynamic.

Healthy, Interactive Dining Experiences

Our tasty, nutrient-rich meals are specially created and easy to eat, and our quiet and calm environment makes use of proven sensory and sound cues to improve focus, stimulate appetite, and encourage participation in the dining process.

Planning Fun, Engaging Activities

Highly trained Memory Care professionals at SummerHouse Senior Living design and implement activities that promote physical, mental, and spiritual engagement, helping residents to be engaged and active while leading a richer and more satisfying lifestyle.

Promoting Confidence and Self-Esteem

By providing opportunities to celebrate each and every successes throughout the day, our team members work to build up residents’ strengths. Also, by encouraging residents to participate in their own personal care and daily living activities, they will have increased self-worth and a greater sense of purpose.

Communication and Family Involvement

We create a superior communication structure to keep families informed and optimally involved in their loved one’s care. Digital technology is utilized to capture meaningful moments and share photos and videos with family members.

Exceptional Senior Memory Care Start with a Call to SummerHouse Park Provence

We witness every day that having the proper care, seniors diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or other brain conditions can lead healthier, happier lives. And although we understand that a loved one’s cognitive-related diagnosis can give the family many challenges, figuring out where to turn for the finest-quality memory care shouldn’t be one of them.

Here, using the very same principles and best practices as the nation’s best memory care programs and inspired by scientific evidence, SummerHouse Park Provence attains levels of care and overall quality that are unrivaled in our area.

In fact, the first step for concerned families is simply to silent those initial fears and initiate a conversation with a skilled memory care provider that can help. Please, talk to us today, and let SummerHouse Park Provence be the partner in care that your family and loved one need.