Welcome to SummerHouse Bay Cove, your top choice for quality senior living in Pascagoula, MS. We offer premium assisted living and award-winning memory care to residents in one place so as to accommodate their changing senior living needs. Our senior care plans are tailored exactly to the personal and medical needs of residents and they are free to add in or opt out from any elective services throughout their senior living with us. If you are looking for a much more enriching lifestyle, we welcome you to visit our senior livingcommunity to explore the many senior living amenities we have to offer.

Activities & Events in Pascagoula

As a resident of our senior living community, you will be given daily access to a wide lineup of senior living activities and events right on site. Our very own activities director will plan the different programs that match your personal and medical capacities so you get to have fun and socialize within a safe setting.

Convenient Housekeeping Services in Pascagoula

Leading a healthy senior living starts with having access to a clean living space. Through our convenient housekeeping services, you stand to retire for the night in a healthy environment that provides you with peace of mind. Our professional housekeepers work in compliance with strict industry standards to ensure your apartment home or suite will be neat and tidy up to expectations. Linen and laundry services are also available once a week so you will always have fresh sheets and clothes to use and wear every day.

Concierge Services in Pascagoula

Let our concierge take care of all your personal requests. Whether you need to send a gift to a loved one back at home or schedule an appointment with your doctor, our concierge is well-versed in administration duties. We will ensure that all the necessary arrangements are completed on a professional level so you do not have to miss out on any appointment or reservation.

Transportation Assistance in Pascagoula

As a resident of SummerHouse Bay Cove, you will not have to fuss over confusing street names and limited parking when you travel outside of our community. Our personal drivers will send you to where you need to be through our complimentary transportation service. We have regular trips to town as well as personal trips that you can easily reserve via our concierge. We make it easy for you to get to your destinations in comfort and safety on every trip.

Why Choose SummerHouse Bay Cove?

SummerHouse Bay Cove is known for our world-class senior living amenities which provide residents with optimum convenience and peace of mind. Our senior care programs are equally extensive, delivering premium care and support to address both the personal and medical needs of residents. As a resident of SummerHouse Bay Cove, you can achieve a worry-free senior living that lets you focus on improving your quality of life. All of our senior living activities are carried out within a supervised setting so you can have access to assistance while participating in your favorite events.

To learn more about senior living in Pascagoula, MS, feel free to contact us today.