Enjoy all-inclusive senior living in Biloxi, MS at SummerHouse Bay Cove. We provide residents with two distinct senior living options within one senior living community, to enable residents to enjoy premium flexibility at a great value. Our team is made up of healthcare professionals who strive to satisfy our residents’ personal and medical needs. We provide residents with a platform to enjoy a healthier retirement to better manage their living needs. From catered dining to complimentary transportation and more, experience a well-rounded senior living experience at SummerHouse Bay Cove.

About Our Senior Dining Experience

It is especially crucial for older adults to have access to daily nutritious meals to help them maintain good overall well-being. At SummerHouse Bay Cove, we understand the different healthcare requirements of residents, thus we can help them prepare well-balanced meals that cater to their unique needs. Our in-house chef has had years of culinary experience and can easily adhere to special meal requests as well as dietary restrictions. Residents can look forward to a pleasant dining experience with friendly tableside service to stay motivated to participate in daily dining.

Benefits of Offering Exclusive Senior Dining Experience in Your Senior Living Community

Our senior dining program lets residents maintain a healthy diet to support their mental and physical well-being. Residents can enjoy meals that are prepared with the freshest ingredients without having to personally portion their meals and cook on a daily basis. The meals served to residents also do not contain any preservatives so as to enable residents to keep fit throughout their retirement. Residents with various medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and others, will also have their dietary requirements fulfilled by our chef to prevent implicating their health further.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Moving to a senior living community lets older adults have access to various social and recreational opportunities that will keep their bodies fit while enhancing their immunity. Residents will also be free from tedious daily chores such as housekeeping and food preparation which can be overwhelming if they are living with mobility restrictions and other health concerns. In a senior living community, residents can also enjoy 24-hour specialized care and nursing services so their healthcare needs are kept well under control. They can look forward to leading a healthy retirement lifestyle where assistance is always available when it is needed.

Why Choose SummerHouse Bay Cove?

Our senior living community makes it easy for residents to stay well and healthy throughout their golden years. Our common spaces are beautifully landscaped and our senior apartment homes come fully equipped with modern fittings and top-of-the-line equipment for optimum comfort and convenience. At SummerHouse Bay Cove, you can expect to enjoy daily access to many on-site amenities while also receiving the care and support you need for daily living activities, to lead a stress-free retirement lifestyle. Come explore the many on-site amenities that we have for you or an older loved one to enjoy.

To learn more about living in SummerHouse Bay Cove, feel free to contact us today.