Find it hard to get out and about while aging in place? Our Connections Transportation program at SummerHouse Bay Cove has been designed for this very purpose. We make it easy for our residents to get where they need to be with our complimentary chauffeured transportation. Make the move today and discover why our residents love our Connections Transportation program!

About Our Connections Transportation

One common problem experienced by older adults aging in place is the inconvenience of getting to medical appointments, community events, and social dates. The main cause of this is the fact that older adults tend to stop driving in their golden years due to a wide variety of reasons. For some, a vision impairment makes driving dangerous and for others, a mobility limitation can affect their ability to drive.

Regardless of why you have stopped driving, being stranded at home is no fun for anyone. Instead of waiting for your loved ones to be free to pick you up, you can regain control with our Connections Transportation program. All you need to do is let us know your destination as well as when you need to be there, and our drivers will be ready for you on the day!

Benefits of Having Connections Transportation in Your Senior Living Community

Our residents can benefit in numerous ways from our Connections Transportation program, including:

  • Giving you the freedom to organize your own time instead of being subject to someone else’s schedule
  • Never have to miss an appointment or pass up on a date again because you are unable to get there
  • Allowing you a greater degree of freedom to decide when you want to get off campus
  • … and more!

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

For many older adults, making the move to a senior living community is a great choice for their changing needs. Aging in place, you can be subject to your loved ones’ schedule when you need a lift anywhere. This can result in social isolation when you are unable to fulfill your social obligations and can even affect your health if you have to cancel medical appointments consequently.

Moving into SummerHouse Bay Cove can provide you with the lifestyle programs and services you need to do it all in your golden years. Our Connections Transportation program is just one of many programs that are in place to make your life more convenient and comfortable!

Why Choose SummerHouse Bay Cove?

Whether you are looking for assisted living or memory care, SummerHouse Bay Cove is a popular choice for many elderly. Besides the specially designed lifestyle programs we have to offer, you can also find a stylish range of amenities where you can live out the retirement lifestyle of your dreams. From a waterfront veranda to a well-stocked library and beautifully designed common areas, you will always have plenty to do on campus!

To learn more about living in SummerHouse Bay Cove, feel free to contact us or schedule a tour with us today.