Experience first-class senior care services in Biloxi, MS at SummerHouse Bay Cove. Our care services are facilitated within a highly conducive environment which is important to support our residents’ mental well-being. We strive to provide the best possible care and assistance for our residents, by employing a team of professional and knowledgeable caregivers. Through the provision of our memory care program, residents can enjoy specialized dementia care for ongoing health management of their memory-related conditions.

About Our Dementia Care

We factor in the most crucial healthcare requirements of our dementia residents when coming up with care plans to ensure that their every need can be fulfilled. Dementia increasingly diminishes a person’s capacity to do day-to-day tasks. This in turn requires a secure and stimulating environment to be created for residents with dementia, which is achieved through our memory care program. One of our long-term solutions for our memory care residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s entails fitness programs and rehabilitation services. This type of care typically involves a team of memory care professionals who have received specialized training in caring for patients with dementia, as well as those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Benefits of Offering Dementia Care in Your Senior Living Community

Those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease stand to benefit from our memory care program. This program allows us to create a serene living environment that makes it simple for memory care residents to get around our community and meet new people. Our memory care program is facilitated by registered nurses and nursing assistants with advanced training in caring for patients with memory-related conditions. Through our program, residents are more likely to take part in everyday activities as they will stand to gain a sense of self-reliance, and confidence. The physical and mental activities we encourage as part of our dementia care program keep our residents engaged and connected.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

It is critical for older adults with memory-related conditions to have access to specialized care that includes different aspects of care like communication, enrichment, and self-discovery incorporated into their treatment. In a senior living community, dementia patients can be treated through a specialized program that is meant to give them a sense of achievement, to help them feel more self-sufficient. Dementia patients who move into a senior living community with a memory care program will receive the finest possible treatment tailored to their specific medical needs.

Why Choose SummerHouse Bay Cove?

Dementia patients and their families can rest assured knowing that the memory care program at SummerHouse Bay Cove is facilitated by trained memory care professionals. It is our goal to help each resident find something new in every single activity that they participate in daily. Our nurses and nursing assistants have all undergone specific training to equip them with relevant dementia care knowledge and skills. Residents with memory-related conditions can also benefit from our senior catered dining program which helps support participation through hands-on assistance.

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